Alien codes were secret codes hidden around the galaxy that were invisible to the naked eye. They could be made visible with the Therm-Optic Shades. If Clank found all of them, he would receive the coordinates to the High Impact Treehouse.

Alien code locationsEdit

Boltaire MuseumEdit

Alien Code 1: Where you first obtain the Therm-Optic Shades, look up the stairs where the guard is seen and then hack it.

Alien Code 2: On lighted-up wall where the first Agency Vendor is.

Alien Code 3: In room before the mini-game. On the blocks where the Security Camera is.

Skyline RooftopsEdit

Alien Code 1: After the rooftop where the ninjas pop out of skylights, go across the bridge and stand on the Omni Key lock. Look back across the bridge. It is on the side of the building, just below the bridge.

Alien Code 2: After the last set of floating police vehicles, go across the bridge and look at the wall under the first police vehicle.

Alien Code 3: From the same place as the second code, look down as far as you can at the side of the purple post under the bridge.

Azcotal AlleyEdit

Alien Code 1: On the wall opposite the second Tourist Cart.

Alien Code 2: Just before the fountain, looke up at arch on the left wall.

Alien Code 3: Just before exiting the level look at the bird's right wing above you.

Gondola AscentEdit

Alien Code 1: After exiting the first set of Gondola 's, look on the opposite wall.

Alien Code 2: Go to the other side of the Gondola's, look on the opposite wall, it's low down.

Alien Code 3: On the middle wall of the two crushing pillars.

High Rollers casinoEdit

Alien Code 1: Stand to the right of the guard on the balcony, look in the left corner of the room.

Alien Code 2: On the back of the bar.

Alien Code 3: On the left wall in the room with the three generators you have to destroy.

Venantonio  Edit

Alien Code 1: At the beginning of the level, look across the water, it's next to a pipe.

Alien Code 2: In the second room of floating platforms, look underneath one of the platforms.

Alien Code 3: At the last Omni-Key locked door, look at the opposite wall.

Galactic Bolt ReserveEdit

Alien Code 1: Stand on the balcony before the first large section and look to the left of the steam vents.

Alien Code 2: Stand in front of the elevator and look up.

Alien Code 3: In the last room, look at he back of the last monitor hanging from the ceiling.

Space Ship GraveyardEdit

Alien Code 1: In the area with Mature organic spores, jump to the third platform, look at the side of the second platform.

Alien Code 2: After leaving the area with the spinning blades, it's on the big crate to your left.

Alien Code 3:In the tunnel with the fast growing spores jump to the thid platform, jump and glide down the left wall into a small room, it's on the left wall.


Alien Code 1: When you open the door to the second room, look at the opposite wall.

Alien Code 2: In the room after the tunnel witn the homing mines, look on the opposite wall.

Alien Code 3: In the second tunnel with the homing mines, look at the opposite wall.