Alien Swarmer

Alien Swarmers were small frog-like creatures that appeared in Ratchet & Clank.


Behaviour and habitat

They were first encountered on the Blarg Tactical Research Station and again on planet Orxon - Kogor Refinery. While easy to defeat, they often appeared in swarms which made them a force to be reckoned with in large numbers.

On the Blarg Tactical Research Station, they could occasionally be found in fake Crates; fake Crates resembled regular crates, except were a faint green tint and could not be broken by the Taunter. The Swarmer would break out the crate when Ratchet got close to it.

Alien Swarmers also maneuvered back and forth while coming closer to the player to attack, similar to the Peckbots and Sandsharks.

Related species

Alien Swarmers seemed to have some relation to the Alien Snappers and Toxic Crabs, as they often appeared alongside them. Notably, the Alien Queen (the Alien Snapper mother) would call them for assistance in combat inside her chamber, suggesting that they were potentially young Alien Snappers, or weak members of the species.