Aldaros Plains

The Aldaros Plains was a location on planet Magnus.

The entire plains were torn apart by gravity bots, and certain areas had little to no gravity meaning that the heroes could jump to ridiculous distances. Somewhere near the plains was a Minion Training Center, where the heroes were transported to by Ephemeris. The plains themselves were home to Tharpods, many were refuges from Uzo City and forced to live in the floating Tharpod Village of the Aldaros Plains. Besides the Tharpods and an assortment of Critters, the valley natural bioforms were wiped out or forced to migrate. The Minions; however, had introduced the Gravoids native to the Black Rock Moons of Ebaro, as well as a large Cobalian Octomoth native to planet Cobalia.



Introduced Wildlife




Other Types


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