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Al's roboshack
Al's Roboshack: It's Qwarktastic!
Qwark, advertising Al's roboshack on Kerwan  [R&C]
Al's Roboshack Ad

Qwark, advertising Al's roboshack

Big Al's Roboshack and Gaming Superstore, often shortened to Al's roboshack, was a roboshack located in Metropolis and owned by Big Al. A large, rotating golden statue holding a wrench in its hands marked the entrance of Al's Roboshack. Ratchet could obtain a skill point by reaching it and walking between its legs.

Ratchet and Clank visited Al's roboshack after seeing a commercial on an infobot which depicted Qwark advertising that all weapon repairs were made there. A major selling point in the commercial was also that Qwark had been shopping at Al's roboshack ever since he had been "knee-high to a sand mouse." Although unable to learn of Qwark's whereabouts by seeing Al, as they had hoped, Ratchet and Clank still walked out of the roboshack with a newly equipped Heli-Pack, worth 1,000 bolts.

The store was closed at an unknown time. A grand-reopening was launched in 2009 during the events of A Crack in Time, and it was transformed into a superstore for robotics and gaming. It was possibly closed due to Al's capture by DreadZone, or his employment with the Q-Force.

During the Z'Grute's attack on Luminopolis, Al's roboshack was advertised during the battle between the heroes and the Z'Grute, where it claimed to have been "pwning n00bs for over a decade."

Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose is a skill point which is achieved by walking underneath the legs of the Qwark statue.


Bugs and errors

  • When Qwark was advertising Al's roboshack, the giant statue at the top of the roboshack was silver, but when Ratchet reached the location, the statue was silver.
  • The "Wanted" poster shown in the commercial for Al's roboshack is not there when you go to the location, likely because the cutscene was pre-rendered in the demo or beta version of the game.


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