Air Assault was one of the Galactic Ranger missions of Operation: IRON SHIELD on planet Marcadia. Once Ratchet and the Rangers had established a defensive position in the center of the Compound's courtyard, the Tyhrranoids commenced their second attack. The mission involved facing several fierce onslaughts of Thyrranoid saucers and dropships and backing up a troop of Rangers that were holding out at the center of the courtyard, being your target saving as many of them as you can. The reward for completing this mission was 4500 bolts.


As your target is killing all the enemies before they attack the Ranger troop, it is advised to stay around them killing the enemies as they approach to their position. Long-range weapons like the N60 Storm are recommended to shoot at enemies while they are at a long distance. Use the Nitro Launcher or the Spitting Hydra to kill groups of tougher enemies.