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The term "Agorian Fighter" is conjectural. The real name is unknown, and a non-canonical nickname or title is used instead. See the reasons for this title in the "Behind the scenes" section below and/or the relevant discussion on the talk page, if they exist.

Agorian Fighter

Agorian Fighters were small, centipede-like Agorian starships. They were called into action by larger ships.

Agorian Fighters attacked by firing homing missiles, capable of large amounts of damage, at Aphelion.

Ratchet fought Agorian Fighters in the Korthos Sector and the Corvus Sector.

While sharing some similarities in appearance to Talons, Agorian Fighters looks more like a shrimp in design, even feature a "tail" that sways back in forth from side to side during flight.

They typically travel in backs when called into action, sometimes covering Agorian Bombers.

Unlike Nefarious Trooper fighter craft, Agorian Fighters do not utilize laser-based weaponry, instead they fire missiles with homing abilities. They are quite accurate, and Aphelion must either shoot them or outrun them to prevent damage.


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