Agency Gadgebots

Agency Gadge-Bots

The Agency Gadge-Bots were small Gadge-Bots in suits who worked for the Agency. There were usually three of these, whose names were Bravo, Hector and Serpentine, and other three by the names of Echo, Tango and Orion, but there were four in the battle in High-Stakes Room of Le Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino. They were called into action when Clank was in trouble.


Normal commands

Could be used by holding down the triangle button and selecting a command.

  • Follow: Orders nearby Gadge-Bots to follow the selected Gadge-Bot.
  • Wait: Orders other Gadge-Bots to wait where they are.
  • Attack: Orders other Gadge-Bots to attack nearby enemies.
  • Revive: Orders Gadge-Bots to heal a fallen Gadge-Bot.

Other actions

Could be used during fight by pressing buttons.

  • Pressing the X button changed the commanding Gadge-Bot.
  • Pressing the Square button caused a commanding gadgebot to bite and at the same time commanded other Gadge-Bots to attack.
  • Pressing the Circle button caused Gadge-Bots to form a pillar.
  • Pressing the Triangle button caused a commanding Gadge-Bot to order commands to other gadgebots.


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