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The Aegis Mark V represents a major breakthrough in armor technology. The suit combines Adamantine plates with a web of integrated forcefields and a sophisticated onboard computer system. The suit's built-in AI responds automatically to any attack, redistributing power and angling the armor plates to absorb up to 66% of incoming damage.
―Armor description  [UYA]

The Aegis Mark V Armor was a dark green armor manufactured by Gadgetron Corporation. The armor offered powerful protection to the wearer. Using a force field, reinforced metals, and onboard AI to move its plates into optimal positions and redistribute power, it was able to absorb 66% percent of damage.


  • Like the Adamantine Armor, this too was going to be a sleeveless armor, but was changed.
  • The suit is a reference to the MJONLIR Mark V armor from the Halo video series. Along with the similar name and coloration, it also featured a built-in AI, which is a reference to Cortana from the Halo series.


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