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Acid mod

Acidic modification logo

The Acid modification, sometimes shortened to the Acid mod, was a weapon mod which added a damaging after-effect to weapons. It was an excellent mod for low-power weaponry like the Minirocket Tube, Dual Vipers or the Holoshield Launcher, as it effectively doubled or tripled their damage. It could be used with most weaponry, but it is better to keep it on small arms, as weapons like the Fusion Rifle and Arbiter were too powerful for you to get much use out the secondary, acid damage.

In Ratchet: Deadlocked it was available after completing the DreadZone qualification course and cost 5,000 bolts.


  • The mod worked by injecting high molarity hydrofluoric acid mixed with Sarathosian swamp bacteria into enemies with each shot.
  • Parental supervision was recommended by Vox Industries for children under five years of age.
  • In Going Commando, weapons with the acidic modification could inflict damage on bosses prior to the player triggering them. This could be exploited to the point where the boss would die at the start of the battle. This only works on bosses where you can shoot the boss before the boss fight starts.


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