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These invasions were devised to get us off our ship. What were you doing here Zurgo?
Clank  [FFA]
Ohh just looking for… this! The Access Key for moron's Galactic Weather Grid.
―Zurgo  [FFA]

The Access Key was a key that allowed access the Galactic Weather Grid, a weather altering device installed into the Defense Network of all the Planetary Defense Centers in the Polaris Galaxy. Qwark, who was formerly the Galactic President of the Polaris Galaxy, would use this key to change a planet's weather so that it be nice when he arrived. Even after his defeat in a previous election, Qwark kept this key aboard the Starship Phoenix II.

Stuart Zurgo was aware of the Access Keys existence and what is was capable of doing, and planned to steal it. Zurgo first disguised himself as The Plumber, and hacked the Planetary Defense Centers for planet Markazia, Ebaro and Proteus VII, allowing Grungarians mercenaries, whom he hade hired, to attack the now defenseless worlds. While the QForce delt with the Grungarian Marauders, Zurgo was not only able find said key, but also hack the ship as well.

When the QForce learned Zurgo was aboard their ship all along, Zurgo revealed his reason for sneaking aboard the ship to them. He then disguised himself as Captain Qwark, and called the Polaris Defense Force that he had hijacked the Galactic Weather Grid and he would have to be shot if they were to stop him. Following this exchange, Zurgo used the Access Key to transform the tropical world of Ebaro into a frozen tundra.


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