Abner Buckwash

Abner Buckwash is the mayor of the Tobruk Crater on planet Novalis as well as the uncle of famous Hoverboarder Skid McMarx.


After Ratchet managed to repel the small Blarg invasion, Abner Buckwash stepped out of his ship, when it was safe, and thanked the two and told that them the reason behind the invasion was because of his nephew, Skidd McMarx, who had accidentally revealed top secret Blarg plans.

The Infobot which he gave to Ratchet and Clank gave them the coordinates of planet Aridia, which they traveled to in order to save Skidd McMarx and his agent.

Soon afterwards, when Novalis was close to its destruction, the mayor and the people of Novalis were evacuated before the planet was destroyed by the Deplanetiser.

Behind the Scenes


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