This beam can transmogrify enemies into harmless wooly grass-fed creatures. Sheepinating a sheep causes a powerful Paradoxplosion.
―Weapon description  [R&C (PS4)]

The Sheepinator was a Gadgetron-manufactured weapon which had the ability to turn enemies into sheep.

The Re-imagined design of the Sheepinator appears to be largely based on the Critter Strike from All 4 One.


Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

The Sheepinator was a powerful weapon sold by Gadgetron, both Ratchet and Dr. Nefarious possessed Sheepinators. It upgraded into the Goatinator. Nefarious betrays Drek while his back is turned and then turns him into a sheep, he then proceeds to drag the Chairman and throws him into an escape pod sending him to his death crashing him on New Quartu.

Ratchet & Clank Movie

Nefarious used his personal favorite, the Sheepinator to turn the Blargian chairman Alonzo Drek into a sheep when he betrayed him. The effect however was only temporary on Drek as when crash lands on New Quartu he returns back to his original Blarg state shortly after being killed along with his new world being destroyed.

Rariranium upgrades

The Sheepinator's abilities can be further enhanced with Raritanium.

Normal upgrades

  • Range: Increases how far the transmogrifying beam can reach.
  • Bonus Raritanium: Increases the amount of raritanium gained from transmogrifying enemies.
  • Paradoxsplosion Radius: Increases the width of the sheep or goat explosion.
  • Reinforced Keratin: Increases the amount of damage caused by goats created from the Goatinator.

Mystery upgrades

  • Golden Fleece: Makes sheep/goats golden, which makes them generate more bolts upon death.
  • Fleece Capacitor: Paradoxsplosion can now transmogrify enemies caught in it.
  • Polymorphic Attack: Goat attacks can now transmogrify enemies.


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